Rider Briefing


Saturday, 20 October 2018

1:00-4:00 pm Official practice and race number collection for registered participants

Sunday, 21 October 2018

7:00 am Registration opens
8:00 am Little Chicks in the Sticks 30 min Enduro
8:45 am Race briefing
9:00 am  Chicks in the Sticks 3 hr Enduro
12:00 pm Course closed to new laps
1:00 pm Presentations


This event is designed to be a fun experience.  It is sure to be challenging to each of you in different ways.  For some of you, it will be just getting around the track. For others, it might be to see how many laps you can get done in 3 hours. Others again will be racing for the podium. With that in mind, we all need to be aware of each other out on the track and recognise different levels of skill and fitness.

The track will be around 8 km long with approximately 110 m of climbing per lap. It is an exciting and fun mix of flowing single track and wide fire roads with plenty of places for overtaking.  There are some technical elements to this track, so if you are not comfortable riding it is perfectly okay to walk.  Please be aware that other riders will be coming along the track, so you will need to keep to one side to allow them to pass.

If you encounter a slower rider, call out ‘Track Left’ or ‘Track Right’ to indicate the side you wish to pass, and wait for them to give way. You must wait for them to acknowledge you and to either move over or say which side you can overtake on. Most less experienced riders will instinctively move to the left. Note that you need only give way when you feel it is safe to do so. If stopping, call ‘Stopping’.

The track is marked with bunting and arrows to signify the direction to be ridden.

The feed zone can be anywhere at the event base and is generally located just past the Start/Finish line on each lap. You may collect or exchange drinks, food and eyewear.


There will be marshalls stationed around the course equipped with two-way radios. If you are the first to encounter an injured rider, you are required to stop and render assistance and send the next rider onwards to advise the next marshall. Riders providing assistance can have their times adjusted so that they are not disadvantaged. The marshalls are there for your safety, and you are required to follow their instructions, particularly in the case of an emergency.

Outside mechanical assistance is allowed, but you must re-enter the track from the same spot you leave it. There will be roving marshalls on the track able to provide assistance where required. Please don’t feel compelled to use them: they are only there if you need them. If you come across a rider that requires mechanical assistance, please advise the next marshall so that the roving mechanic can be called for. Please also ensure you are carrying a tube suitable for your bike.

First Aid will be available at Race Base and assistance can be rendered on course if deemed necessary. Please inform the race organizers if you have withdrawn from the race.

Spectators are to watch for and yield to oncoming riders before crossing the track. For the safety of riders, no pets are allowed.


There will be a mass start for all riders. Markers will be placed along the start line to identify/group each catergory start. If you are a faster and more experienced rider please feel free to move closer to the front. If you are in doubt as to where to start, please ask one of our track officials.

This is a 3 hour event with no new laps to be commenced after the race clock has counted down to zero. Junior Double Yolkers may not start new laps after 2 hours. The winners are those who complete the most laps in the fastest time for their category. Please advise timing staff if you withdraw from the race.

Team members are to transition in the transition area, which is located after the timing mat. Double Yolkers Team members are to touch (High 5) to signify the change over. Should a team member be unable to complete their lap, they may have a marshall radio the Race Base to advise their team mate to start their lap. Timing must be advised, and the partial lap will not be counted in the overall lap count.

Presentations will be held at 1 pm. Please stay for these, as there will be random prizes as well as podium presentations. For random prize draws you must be in attendance to win the prize. If you gain a podium place (1st to 3rd), please make sure you arrange to be at the presentations. It is seen as disrespectful to your fellow competitors if you do not make it. You can also thank your sponsors on the podium.


Toilets are available near Race Base. Water is available at the venue, and food and drink will be on sale from the RATS Cycling Club and Jungle Bean coffee van. These vendors will be accepting cash only.

Some of our wonderful sponsors will be having stalls on the day, so bring some cash as you may wish to purchase products from them. MTB Mechanic will available on race day to assist with any last minute bike maintenance issues. 


Race Numbers will be allocated at registration, please pick them up 30 minutes before your race. Please ensure your race number is securely attached to the front of your bike so that your number can be clearly seen and recorded for timing purposes.


Your bicycle needs to be suitably equipped for racing. This includes ensuring that you have front and rear brakes as well as bar plugs and/or lock-on collars.

You also are required to wear a helmet compliant with Australian standards. We also recommend the use of protective equipment, including but not limited to full-finger gloves, and eyewear.