Entry Categories

To encourage new riders to have a try at racing, Chicks in the Sticks offers race categories based on your experience level. Categories available include Solo, Team and Junior Mini Enduro events. There is also a separate Little Chicks in the Sticks event for juniors, which uses a shorter course.

Non-members of the RATS Cycling Club are welcome. There will be no day licence required for entry in 2019.


Chicken Run: Regular on the racing scene, with a solid level of fitness and skill

Free Range: Confident riders who have done a few races, with an intermediate level of fitness and skill

Have a Crack: Newly-hatched MTB riders, looking for a non-pressured and supportive race experience. You want to challenge yourself to enter, participate and do your best

Queens of the Coop: A race experience for riders 50 yrs and over

Battery Hens: A new category in 2019 for all e-bike riders


Hard-Boiled Double Yolkers: Teams of two, with racing experience and good fitness

Soft-Boiled Double Yolkers: Teams of two. Too shy to do it alone or concerned about your fitness? Bring a friend and do a tag-team around the course


Junior Double Yolkers: Teams of two between the ages of 11 and 14 yrs. Race the full track with the ladies for the shorter time of 2 hrs. Ride tag team laps as for the Double Yolkers.


Chicken Nuggets: 30 min race on a shorter course, for juniors between the ages of 5 and 11 yrs

Chick-A-Dees: 30 min race on a shorter course for juniors between the ages of 12 and 16 yrs