RATS Chicks Ride Courses


An introductory 2 session mountain biking skills course for women.
The Rats Chick Ride from the RATS Cycling Club in partnership with Mountain Bike Coaching Brisbane is pleased to make available this introductory course to provide an opportunity for women with limited or no mountain biking experience to try the fun and social sport of mountain biking.
The course is aimed at women wanting to learn mountain biking, for women new to the trails, and for women wanting to try a new way to exercise and enjoy the outdoors. The course will be run in a safe and supporting environment by two highly qualified and experienced coaches.
A limited number of hire bikes are available also ????????
For more details and to register hit the ticket link and start your journey to more confident riding today.

Next course dates are:
Session 1. Sunday 16/07/23 3-5 pm
Session 2. Sunday 23/07/23 3-5 pm

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