Course Information


This loop is just over 10 km and in 2021 includes the fun trail Pool Shark, and the trail Green Heaven for higher grades. The event requires riders to loop this course for 3 hours. Your final lap must be started before the 3 hour mark.


A much-shorter trail to give our Little Chicks some fun in the forest. A mix of single trail and firetrail, and a couple of little challenges (marshals will be placed to assist the smallest shredders).

NOTES on the Little Chicks: the Little Chicks loop has been designed for the “Chicken Nuggets” category and will be too easy for experienced teenage riders. Please don’t enter Chick-a-Dees if you can ride for an hour – leave it for the new riders.

Please consider having those riders join a friend and enter the Junior Double Yolkers, or Soft-Boiled Double Yolkers, depending on age.

Post on the CITS Facebook page – and RATS Cycling Club – if you need to find a new friend to ride with in a team. Once you’ve made contact and decided to join together, choose a team name and enter separately using that name.)

If you would like copies of the courses, click on the maps below to download a pdf.