RATS Cycling Club Inc. is a not-for-profit association incorporated on 6th June 1995 under the Queensland Associations Incorporation Act 1981. The Club Rules are based on the model rules issued in conjunction with the Act.

Incorporation Number: IA 15244

ABN: 84 838 939 170


In addition, RATS Cycling Club Inc. is affiliated with Mountain Bike Australia Ltd (MTBA). Under existing club rules, all club members are required to be members of MTBA through which our insurance is provided.

All club members are therefore bound by:

  • RATS Constitution available here
  • QLD Associations Incorporation Act 1981
  • MTBA Constitution
  • MTBA Code of Conduct

Under the QLD Associations Incorporation Act and the RATS Constitution, the Management Committee has final responsibiity for the control and management of the club. The Management Committee consists of a President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary, who are elected at the Annual General Meeting.

The Management Committee may delegate some powers to a Sub-Committee. The Sub-Committee may only act as far as their delegated powers allow.

Contact us for current Management Committee and Sub-Committee positions.


MTBA membership is compulsory for all senior and junior members. MTBA membership or a Day Licence is required for life members who participate in club events.


MTBA membership is compulsory for club members.

‘Club Only’ membership is available to people who have already joined MTBA through another club. Such a member must supply proof of MTBA membership, with details of membership type and renewal date. This proof must be provided to the club each time MTBA insurance is renewed. A club-only member will have all the rights of other members including:

  • Full voting rights
  • The right to hold a position on the management committee, with full access to member and club information
  • Full electronic access rights to the website and other accounts

The member is not required to declare the other club(s) of which he/she is a member.



General meetings are held on the third Monday of each month, March to December, 7:00pm. All members are invited to attend. The agenda is published on the RATS Central Facebook Group.


The Annual General Meeting is typically held on the last Sunday of January or the first Sunday of February.

Nominations to the Management Committee can be made using this form.


Minutes, Financial and other reports are published here.


Certificate of Insurance Currency

Personal Accident Incident Report form

Other club documents are published here.


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