Summer Sprints 2019

The RATS Summer Sprints return in 2019 as a Tier 3 National Cup event across three different tracks.

Round 1 at Underwood Park is on flowy, machine-made trails, round 2 at Karingal Scout Camp is on old school hand-built trails and round 3 at Redlands Track Park, first time used for Summer Sprints, is on hand-built trails with flat gravelly corners.

Affordable short course club XC MTB racing.
• $10 for adult MTBA members
• $2 for kids MTBA members (maximum age: 15)
• Non-members welcome, but all categories must have MTBA membership or a MTBA Day Licence.
• Free two month MTBA memberships available here.
• On-the-day registration administration fee: $15 adults, $13 kids.

* Round 2 at Karingal Scout Camp will have higher pricing due to costs of hiring the course: $20 for adults, $12 for kids categories (maximum age: 15)

Adult laps are spectator friendly, come along to cheer your family and friends.

Women only categories.

Special kids course allows parents to see most of the lap. Parents are welcome to accompany your kids on their race.

Free event photos available on social media for all entrants thanks to our sponsors.


3 February 2019
Sunday morning
Underwood Park
17 February 2019
Sunday morning
Karingal Scout Camp
3 March 2019
Sunday morning
Redlands Track Park
Race base is behind Redland Animal Shelter, 264 South Street, Thornlands, QLD 4164


Underwood Park, Karingal Scout Camp, and Redlands Track Park


Event Director – Darren Flood