West Mt Cotton Link

20 June 2017Trails

Trail construction has now been completed on the West Mt Cotton link trail, connecting the low end of Wallum Froglet trail at Cornubia to the bitumen on West Mt Cotton Road. The 1.6 km machine-built trail includes several constructed bridges and some easy obstacles, with bermed climbs out to the high point on the Mt Cotton side. The trail was built with the support of a grant of $31,000 from the Gambling Community Benefit Fund. RATS Cycling Club also contributed labour toward trail construction, estimated at $22,075 of in-kind support. Construction of further connecting trails on the eastern side of West Mt Cotton Road is still in the planning stage, but this trail is intended to form a larger network ultimately connecting Cornubia and Daisy Hill to Bayview Conservation Park. 

An official opening of the trail is yet to be conducted, but riders are already enjoying the flow.