RATS Summer Sprints 2019 Results

3 March 2019Results


Round 1 – 3/2/2019

RATS 2019 season kicked off at Underwood Park with a massive field of 273 entrants, including 87 kids. Showers made for slippery and muddy conditions. E-Bikes were a new category.

Results available at: https://my3.raceresult.com/116968/results?lang=en or can be downloaded here.

View a wrap-up of Round 1 at: https://youtu.be/gwgTGbJvVp4.

Round 2 – 17/2/2019

 Another big field at Karingal Scout Camp, 246 entrants, including 80 kids. Dry and warmish conditions.

Results available at: https://my.raceresult.com/118153/results?lang=en or can be downloaded here.

Round 3 – 3/3/2019

Summer Sprints held for the first time at Redlands Track Park with 232 entrants, including 81 kids. Humid conditions with some showers.

Results available at: https://my2.raceresult.com/118680/results?lang=en or can be downloaded here.