Karingal Enduro 2011 Results

12 November 2011Results

For The Riders Karingal Enduro 12/11/2011

One of the driest Novembers on record meant that it was a dry race. Dry and fast and warm. BSMC rolled out some great volunteers and we are blessed with some great people that are happy to work rather than ride their own club events. A big thankyou to you and of course to all the riders that turned up. MTBing has a wonderful atmosphere about it where although everyone goes hard and is competitive either on their own goal or other riders all seem to encourage and congratulate each other.

Some great memories of the event, in no particular order.

Riders with broken chain offered new chain from another rider at race base and another rider with broken chain helped out by Wayne in the far reaches of the forest to get going again.

Sarah and Kylie setting up with champagne to cheer the riders on in the middle of the forest and their Husbands happy to drive so they could finish the bottles.

The younger riders out there, Father and Daughter team taking 3rd in mixed pairs. The young Ay-Up team riders who raced hard all day and crossed the line together.

The encouragement from all riders during the race for each other.

The Rego and timing teams who worked hard to get the race done without a hitch.

For The Riders, Progressive Coaching Systems who again not only sponsor the event but actual take part and enjoy it.

Our pregnant and broken couple who proved you have no excuse not to ride.

All the support for our young Dean Madden who was raising money to get to the National Championships in Perth. A young man at 15 who knows how to thank people and show appreciation. Also a thanks to our mystery man who donated extra $ on top of the BBQ takings.

All the first time racers, and experienced racers who shared the track and respected each other all day.

And to round out 10, All the ladies who raced (our biggest female turnout to date) proving that we can get more women into MTBing.

For The Riders Karingal Enduro 2011 Results

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