Karingal 4 Hour 2009 Results

15 November 2009Results

Karingal 4 Hour 15/11/2009

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Results Karingal 4hr 2009

A fantastic race enjoyed by all riders, with over 200 enjoying the day! A lot of flat tyres and very clogged up on the first lap as riders found some space. Then it all cleared up nicely and all enjoyed some close fought competition in several divisions. Quite hot and fast conditions and the track held up really well with a nice clean and fast line developing during the race. Many solo riders found it tough going, especially those on their single speeds. Advice that to be a good enduro track (>4h) it needs to be a bit longer with more fire trail so riders can recover and refuel. Very rewarding to see that the club and organisers maintained their reputation of delivering a great race.