BSMC Summer Cup 2011 Results

27 February 2011Results

Race 1: 5/2/2011
Summer Cup 2011 Race 1 Results

Note that due to the clock time being different between the two timing laptops, the first lap time is recorded as being approximately 2 minutes longer than actual.

Race 2: 12/2/2011
Summer Cup 2011 Race 2 Results

Race 3: 20/2/2011
Summer Cup 2011 Race 3 Results

Note that there were some timing issues for A & B Male and A Female that meant that whilst the overall time is correct some of the lap times are not.

Race 4: 27/2/2011
Summer Cup 2011 Race 4 Results

Final Series Points
Summer Cup 2011 Series Points

  1. Riders are allocated points based on their finish position at each race of the Summer Series using points defined by MTBA
  2. Riders allocated points are not transferrable between race categories.
  3. Riders can accumulate points in more than one race category.
  4. Rider has to have started in at least 2 races (irrespective of category) of the Summer Cup to be eligible for a Series Place.