BSMC Summer Cup 2010 Results

11 April 2010Results

Race 1 6 February 2010

Summer Cup 2010 Race 1 Results

Huge thanks to all who braved the weather and turned up to have a go. The number of riders was really impressive — a big surprise. Conditions not as bad as some mud races the club have run but riders and bikes finishing A/B in the dark were definitely muddy and the bikes will need some TLC! This is Summer and it’s Brisbane so will always have to contend with rain. Our hope is that we can make the course more weatherproof so we can handle races in the wet. Course was very wet the morning after because of the very heavy rain after we’d finished. This storm maybe in our favour as it seems to have erased our imprint and caused a fair bit of water damage which makes our impact insignificant. Overall, council are very happy with how track held up and how we conducted the event. Just a few things didn’t impress them, like the broken tap in ladies toilets that was gushing water all night…

Out on the track lap times don’t tell the full story. It’s fantastic to have elite athletes get out and ride on the same track at the same time as the weekend warriors. The fast ones always seem to make it look so easy and comparing times can be a health hazard. Sandbaggers can’t hide!!

This is a 4 race series and from race 2 on we’ll list a cumulative points tally. If we continue to get great turnouts then we’ll make sure that the overall series prizes reflect the competitive nature of the events.

Organisers had a few glitches and we really appreciate the patience of all participants, especially at the start of the C/D grade event with the first raindrops landing just as the hooter went. We’ll iron out a few of the problems for race 2 on Sat 27th Feb. Please let us know if you have any constructive comments about how we can improve. Next race will be evening again and we’ll ride in the opposite direction. Hoping to see further support from riders. Bring a friend!

Race 2 27 February 2010

Summer Cup 2010 Race 2 Results

Another big thanks to all those riders who rolled up and had a go! A very solid and pleasing turnout again with the showers and Mebbin Marathon perhaps keeping a few away. Was definitely run in the right spirit and lots of people (riders and spectators) had fun. The mud factor not as high as in Race 1 but some of the corners were slippery and best not attempted in a tuxedo. Course has held up extremely well again and we’ll get feedback from council in the next few days.

Race 3 21 March 2010

Summer Cup 2010 Race 3 Results

Race 4 11 April 2010

Summer Cup 2010 Race 4 Results

Final Series Points

Summer Cup 2010 Series Points

  1. Riders are allocated points based on their finish position at each race of the Summer Series using points defined b y MTBA
  2. Riders allocated points are not transferrable between race categories.
  3. Riders can accumulate points in more than one race category.
  4. Rider has to have started in at least 2 races (irrespective of category) of the Summer Series to be eligible for a Series Place.