BSMC Summer Cup 2009 Results

1 March 2009Results


18th January 2009, Underwood Park

An excellent day at the races with BSMC extremely happy to welcome the 81 riders on the day. Because of the large number of riders and the short course, which organisers felt was too difficult to manage, the start was staggered with C and D grades starting their event at 8:30 and A and B starting at 9:30. Some excellent rides and hopefully many memorable moments for all who competed.


Some very amateur video footage of the C and D grade start, and some of the C/D grade riders completing the climb of Kakadu is here:


15th February 2009 Underwood Park

After a fair deluge over the preceding days organisers (and riders) wishes were realised when a clear, fine and warm day dawned. Track was wet in places, and even wetter in others. But all who started finished at least one lap. Another excellent turnout of 72 entrants, with 31 in C grade. Thanks to all the committed riders who came along. Hope the bike clean-up went well!

Some new faces this time which was great. Especially encouraging to see a good turnout of kids. It’s a good course for kids and if some of the younger ones struggle then can easily reduce the distance they travel. Also good to see people travelling from further afield (Warwick, Lockyer Valley etc).

We’re halfway through the 4 race series (all the dark, wet races are done now!!).

Organisers had less hiccups this time after learning from mistakes in Race 1. The atmosphere certainly seemed more relaxed under the tent. And we had a very good group of volunteers being supervised by some race-hardened specialists! Huge thanks to Wayne, Andrew, Bobby, Kylie, Josh, Cherie, Chris & Dave for doing the “indoors” stuff. And also thanks to Bobby, Wayne, Cherie, Michael, Shane, Todd, Jeremy and Tony for getting out on the track and helping. Big thanks to Ayup (Matt) for the lights which helped quite a few riders out of a dark spot. And as always, good to see the For The Riders crew there in support. Well done!

First and foremost a big thanks to all BSMC volunteers who made this race happen. Special mention to Andrew Fry (BSMC Secretary) and Wayne Iles (XC Race Director) who both put in a huge amount of work to make these races run so well. Huge thanks to both of you!

Thanks to the trail care team which turned up to prep the track: Michael, Bobby, Gary, Jeremy, Sara, Paul, Tony, David, Wayne, Allan, Andrew, Wayne.

Also many thanks to the team under the tent: Andrew, Chris, Josh, Bobby and Wayne. And photographer Michael.

It’s a group effort. Well done to all of you for making it happen!

At long last we had a morning race with blue sky, sunshine and a track which was not completely covered in flowing water. Woo-hoo! A few puddles in places and the trail care team had done good things to protect the wetter spots. Excellent grip and track speed for more than 95% of the track surface and with the XCO race season starting soon plenty of legs, hearts and lungs got a very good workout this morning. Another excellent rider turnout and all enjoyed strong support from spectators. Is really wonderful to say it was again run in the right spirit and great to see so many having great fun.

Some more new faces this time which was great. Especially encouraging to see a good turnout of kids. They are amazing!! Fearlessly riding the A line drop off the oval, pushing themselves into the red zone but all the time having fun and learning about riding their bikes. It’s a great course for the kids! And once again, good to see people travelling from further afield (Toowoomba, Warwick, Lockyer Valley etc).

One more race to go in Rnd 4 on 11th April. We’ll have “Summer Cup” trophies, For The Riders Vouchers and cash prizes for the overall series placegetters in each division. And continue with our cash prizes for category placegetters for the Rnd 4 race itself.



1st March 2009 Illinbah