RATS Summer Sprints 2018 Results

6 February 2018Results

Round 1 – 4/2/2018

We had technical difficulties connecting to our electronic timing system on the day which forced us to use manual timing to award places. But the electronic timing system was faithfully recording every passing and we have been able to access them to publish these revised results.

The timing team did a stellar job in stressful circumstances, but there are discrepancies between manual and electronic for: C Grade Men, D Grade Men, B Grade Boys, C Grade Boys, C Grade Girls, D Grade Boys & D Grade Girls. We will be awarding corrected place ribbons at round 2 for those affected.

211 riders raced in wet and wild conditions at Underwood Park.
Results available at: http://my.raceresult.com/89812/ or can be downloaded here.

Round 2 – 17/2/2018

Much more pleasant conditions this round, especially in the twilight and evening with 191 entrants. C Grade Male and D Grade Female finished in the twilight, some using lights. A Grade Male, A Grade Female and B Grade Male all raced in the dark using lights.

Results available at: http://my.raceresult.com/90856/ or can be downloaded here.

Round 3 – 4/3/2018

134 riders took advantage of a rare opportunity to ride old school hand built single track at the private Karingal Scout camp course.  A Grade Male, A Grade Female and B Grade Male had the additional challenge of riding the technical Phantom section in reverse.

Results available at: http://my4.raceresult.com/92125/ or can be downloaded here.