Rider Briefing

Feed/Technical Zones

There will be a number of options for Feed/Technical Assistance:

Feed/Tech #1 – At the event staging area a Feed/Technical Area will be available.

Water Bottle Drop 1 & 2

Riders can drop bottles pre-race to the bottle drop table no later than 7.15am on Sunday, 13 June. These water bottles will be available out on course at approximately 20 km after the riders transition through the event village. There will be no further opportunity for riders to get food or liquids until they finish the lap and pass through the Feed/Tech zone at the event staging area.

A full map with location markers of both the Technical Zones and the Bottle Drop area on course is available in the Rider Briefing Document.

Bottles to be taken to the Bottle Drop Zone must be deliver to the drop boxes no later than 7.15am and should be clearly marked by the rider with their rider number.

The boxes will be clearly marked as Lap 1 and Lap 2. Half Marathon riders must only place their bottles in the Lap 1 box.

Marshals will attempt to line up along the track bottles in numerical order, no responsibility will be take for bottles where riders fail to secure their number to the bottle effectively.

Passing Etiquette

If you encounter a slower rider, shout ‘Track Left’ or ‘Track Right’ to indicate the side you wish to pass, and wait for them to give way. You must wait for them to acknowledge you and to either move over or say which side you can overtake on. Most inexperienced riders will instinctively move to the left. Note that you need only give way when you feel it is safe to do so. If stopping, call ‘Stopping’.


There will be marshals stationed throughout the course all equipped with 2 way radios.

Rule of 3 for injured rider
Rider 1 – you are required to stop and render assistance.
Rider 2 – rider continues onwards to advise the next marshal.
Rider 3 – stops and moves back up the track where the injured rider is in a dangerous position.

At no stage should participants move an injured rider.

Riders providing assistance can have their times adjusted so that they are not disadvantaged.

​The marshals are there for your safety and you are required to follow their instructions, particularly in the case of an emergency.


​​Please advise administration staff if you have withdrawn from the race.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone ride the event?

Yes – If you can ride a Mountain Bike, then you will find an event for you.

What are the two days for?

After a morning practice lap for Sunday entrants, Kids and any one who wants can enter the fun feel and atmosphere of Saturday. From 2.5 km kids events to a 25 km lap ride around the Marathon course which will have school kids, athletes, mums and dads all mixing together for the ride and a chance to win one of the many random draws. Wear a fancy dress costume and you could win a prize as best dressed! Serious junior athletes will also Blast out a single lap race for podium prizes.

Sunday is the Marathon and Half Marathon. Here riders will either be keen “competitors” or out to challenge themselves or other to see if they can complete a distance or set a personal time. Team events will add to the intrigue with pairs able to join together in a relay format to challenge themselves or race for a place.

Do I need a AusCycling licence?

It Depends

YES IF you want to race in a National Championship category and be eligible to win the title you must have a valid AusCycling License (or current MTBA/CA/BMX licence).

NO IF you just want to test yourself and race against your mates and your personal best – the Club has negotiated a deal with AusCycling so that all are covered with insurance built into the entry fee. Social riders, road club members, triathletes, Tough Mudder enthusiasts this event can offer anyone and everyone a place to test themselves.

Will there be EFTPOS facilities at the event?


I entered online and now want to change my category?

Email secretary@ratscc.com.au with your name, current category, new category. There is a $15 administration fee for category changes.

If the new category has a higher charge that the current category, you will have to pay the difference in fees plus the $15 administration fee to:
RATS Cycling Club,
BSB 124 092,
Acc No 2043 7323
before the change will be processed.

If you are moving to a cheaper category, you will receive a refund of the difference between the current category and new category minus the $15 administration fee.

How do I add/change a rider in a Team?

Each person in a team will enter and pay for their entry separately, in the event of a team member change the rider leaving the team will need to deregister themselves and then the new rider can register to the team.

I’ve still got questions?

Email your question to bayviewblast@ratscc.com.au.

Event Cancellation and Refund Policy

  • Entrant to advise withdrawal from an event and request a refund by email to secretary@ratscc.com.au

  • Withdrawals received more than 7 days prior to the event: Full Refund less $15 administration fee per entrant.

  • Withdrawals received 7 days or less prior to the event: No Refund.

  • Entrant did not Start: No Refund.

  • Substitutions may be made prior to or on the day of the event.

  • If the Club cancels an event: Full Refund.

  • If the Club moves the date of an event and entrant requests a refund by email to secretary@ratscc.com.au: Full Refund.

  • Any cancellation or postponement of an event will be published on www.ratscc.com.au.