Redlands Cup

Saturday, 31 October & Sunday, 1 November 2020

The inaugural 2020 Redlands Cup hosted at Karingal Scout Camp, Mt Cotton is a return for the RATS Cycling Club to top tier Cross Country racing in South-East Qld.

The Redlands Cup will be held on Saturday, 31 October and Sunday, 1 November 2020.

You will need to register for each event separately:

Saturday Cross Country Time Trial

For the past 5 years the RATS have been looking to innovate and offer something different. Our local trail networks are predominantly XC trails and with the Redlands Cup weekend we have landed on the time trial format as something different for participants.

How will this work

The event schedule will run the age group categories together where possible. Finishing with U19 Females, Elite Females, U19 Males and Elite Males.

Applications for a change to start time (for those living outside of Brisbane) may be made to the Race Director no later than 7 days before the event.

Riders will start 1-2 minutes apart and race the clock.

The same course will be run for each age group.

Modified courses will be provided for U13s.

Rider Etiquette

Any rider who is caught by a faster rider should yield as soon as it is safe to do so. The caught rider should attempt to ride off to the side of the trail to allow the faster rider to achieve the best possible time.

All riders who compete in the Time Trial will be seeded in the first rider grid in order of fastest to slowest. Riders who opt to skip the Time Trial will start in a grid not less than 20m behind the last of the seeded riders in the first grid.

U11s will be racing in a cross country short course race. This will be a traditional race with all competitors completing as many laps in 10 minutes as possible. This course will require riders to climb fire roads and descend single trail.

Sunday is Cross Country Olympic Format

Karingal Scout Camp trail network is predominantly hand cut and older trails. These raw trails will challenge the weekend warrior and will separate those who can ride from those who like to ride. Steep pinches, rocky descents, creek crossings (if the water is flowing) and a reasonable amount of fire road passing opportunity will see the racing fast and furious from the starter’s whistle to the end of the race.

XCO Format

This event will be a lap-based race aiming for target times for the winners of each race. For age group racing the target times are reduced in line with MTBA (or by then AusCycling) age group requirements.

The number of laps required for each race will be communicated on Saturday, 31 October directly after then time trial event concludes.

Some Specifics

Seeding for the race will be determined by the Time Trial on Saturday. Riders not participating in the Time Trial will be seeded in the 2nd grid not less than 20m behind the last rider in the first grid.

All riders will get the opportunity to finish their full-course, the 80% rule will not be enforced in this event. However, some riders who may be caught by the next race may be asked to wait for the next race to pass before rejoining and completing their race.

Tech/Feed Zones

There will be 1 feed zones just prior to the finish line and 1 tech/feed zone at the half way point of the lap. Note: No technical/mechanical assistance will be permitted just prior to the finish line, the rider will need to complete the front half of the course before receiving technical assistance back at the tech/feed zone.


Riders in this category will ride on the adults cross country course but will only ride the 2nd loop. Like the adults the number of laps for this race will be published on Saturday, 31 October 2020.


Race Director – Lonnie Toia

Camping Option

Karingal Scouts offers camping on site.

We will update this site shortly with a link to Karingal Scouts to book your own camp site at Karingal.